Gritty Self Defence

Gritty. Well, it certainly rhymes with gritty….

00:27 Oh my God, do you have any idea how difficult it is to pivot, while pushing on the face, like that when the person is fully charging at you? Not very likely, I’m afraid.

00:44 Interesting how he hasn’t mentioned putting one leg out to trip the attacker up, giving you time to run away.

00:47 More advanced stages? Really? Because the attacker will probably have his head down to barrel towards you, so being able to get a throat shot like that isn’t all probable.

01:03 I like how the attacker is actually almost blocking the defender’s strike here without even meaning to do it. These crazy bastards.

01:13 No. This guy has never done that ever. The attacker would be thrashing so much here that you’d never be able to keep him in this position. You would need to have him against a wall or already on the ground.

01:14 To take an individual who is already asleep and smash them face-first onto the ground is assault, and you could probably make the case for attempted murder, so please don’t do this.

Also, when someone goes out they go dead weight, so you don’t get a chance to grab the back of the head and smash them down like that. The guy hosting this vid is so full of it he must have award-winning roses.

Self Defence

Only a short clip, but then sometimes that’s all you need. Sometimes great advice can come in very short vids.

This isn’t one of them.

In reality, when we feel we’re falling over, we reach out for something. If we’re already holding on to something, then we tighten our grip. All that would happen here is that the attacker falls down and drags you to the ground with them. That is of course if you can actually reach down and grab the leg, which you might not be able to do.

Also, the roll-over at the end is a total work. Get someone to lie down and try it. Unless they want to roll over, it is very difficult to make them do so.

How to Respond to Cat Calls

00:04 Answer; you ignore it and keep walking. End of the clip.

Unless someone follows you/blocks your path, then don’t acknowledge them, just ignore them and go about your day.

00:08 This woman’s a fucking moron. When you ignore it, they don’t get nastier. By acknowledging the people yelling at you, you validate them.

By not giving them a response you’re telling them that they are pathetic and that you’re not impressed.

00:28 Yes, look at them, so that they now think you’re flirting. Jesus, if this woman was out in the real world for five minutes following her own advice she’d have been killed by now.

00:38 You can pick me out of a line-up? In what crazy world is anyone getting arrested for cat-calling? Also, how the hell can you prove such a thing? Chances are the police would just warn the person, and then tell you to ignore it in future, and very politely, they would suggest you grow thicker skin and stop wasting their time.

00:56 I would suggest if you’re getting your phone out then actually make a real call, because all you’re doing otherwise is telling me what type of phone you’ve got so I know to now mug you.

Women’s Self Defence Techniques

00:32 That won’t work. We often times underestimate how string other people can be. Also, it’s very rare that an attacker will grab just to hold on. If you’re grabbed it will be either to drag you off right away, or the attacker will move in very close and start verbally threatening you to comply or get a beating/get cut etc.

00:57 No, just kick the attacker in the groin. Don’t try any wrist locks or restraints, just kick the attacker as hard as you can in the crotch, then run away.

01:04 This position was never intended to be a hold or lock, it was designed to be a break. You put all of your weight on the elbow joint and break the arm. If the attacker is strong or knows what they’re doing they will get out of that position fairly quickly.

Again, as I’ve always said, if you grab it, lock it and break it, then move on. Don’t try to subdue the attacker, don’t look for a submission, just break whatever you have hold of and then go to something else.

01:25 If the attacker stands there swinging from that distance then good news; he’s retarded. Seriously.

The attacker here will simply grab an ankle in each hand, move your legs to the side, and then get access to your torso/head.

Never attempt to hold someone off like that. From this position she should be kicking out, connecting with her heels into the kneecap and groin.

02:05 Actually that’s not too bad. I would suggest though get some practice in with striking. A lot of this stuff looks like it comes from sports Jiu-Jitsu, which is great, but add some more kicking to the face/groin in these scenarios.

02:34 This makes sense, too. Although when you get that armbar, break it straight away, then get to your feet and run like hell.

Keta Meggett Teaches Amanda and Kristen Self Defence

00:09 I like  avid that can’t even get ten seconds in before they balls up.

01:03 I’ve just mentioned in a previous clip how to break from the wrist grab, and quite honestly if you get someone strong enough doing it the way they show here won’t work.

01:19 Again, if they’ve grabbed your wrist with both of their hands, they leave themselves open for fight-stopping strikes, don’t bother with any of this type of thing.

01:50 No. Just…no. If the person on top has decent grip strength that snow angel thing won’t make them release their grip. At all. If you’ve got someone pretty strong on top, I doubt you’d even be able to bring your arms around like that anyway.

One other thing that isn’t taken into account here; language. If an attacker has mounted you and is pinning you down, they wont just be there silently. They’ll probably be screaming, very close to your face, for you to shut the fuck up, if you make a sound I’ll fucking kill you, you cunt!

That’s the type of naked aggression that will make all of your techniques go flying out of your head if you don’t practice the right way, in that you need to have real pressure and you need to have real aggression. If you’re not training once or twice a week with someone yelling in your face that they’re going to rip your face off then you’re not training for reality.

Self Defence Moves to Fight Off Attackers

In regards to the title, who the hell else are we going to be fighting off? Okay, let’s get going with this….

00:45 The guy says that because men are more violent, women have a better sense of intuition. Um…the two aren’t linked. I’m not holding out much hope for this clip.

This clip is a mishmash (good word) of the guy trying to make sense and the woman trying to peddle the two or three things she knows.

It’s a short clip, with not too much in the way of anything that common sense wont tell you; carry yourself with confidence, don’t be distracted by your phone, don’t have headphones in etc.

Pussy Grabs Back (their title, not mine)

Back again with a new post, this time from Gabrielle Rubin. I’ve posted her clips before, and not once have I been impressed with what she teaches or how she teaches it. Everything she has done (that I’ve seen) looks like money-making crap designed to fool people who don’t know any better.

00:17 Bring your arm and hit around in an arc, she calls this air guitar. Or, you move back so they can’t grab you, or, if they do grab you, palm strike to the face or kick them in the groin until they let go. Then phone the police and report a sexual assault.

There is no need to bring your arm around in a large arc as she is suggesting.

00:24 Actually no need to strike, you just turn the hand that has been grabbed (in this case the left) so that it’s palm-down, then pull your arm in towards your own body. Because the wrist will be sideways it’s less of a surface area to grab, and easier to pull free.

Once free, I would suggest a strike to the face just so they don’t follow you when you run away, and running away should always be the desired goal.

00:26 NEVER lace your fingers like that, as it’s too easy to dislocate a knuckle or break the finger.

00:30 If it’s two…then it means they’ve used both hands on one of your arms, leaving you one limb up. So strike to their face, or as she’s in perfect position here, kick quickly to the groin, then strike repeatedly to the face until the attacker lets go and falls down. Then run away.

00:32  Perfect position to kick to the groin. Don’t waste time with a kick to the shin, when a shot to the groin is far more effective. There is a Lee Morrison clip where he shows this perfectly, I’ll find it and put it up in the next post.

00:41 This won’t work. It is so hard to break someones grip in this manner unless you drop all of your weight behind it. Just windmilling the arm like that won’t get the person to release, and if anything will just trigger them to take it to the next level of attack.

00:53 A broken nose is not a fight stopper. If you’re striking and you’re close enough to crack the nose, then you can get the jaw/chin, which will at the very least take the attacker’s legs away.

00:58 A dumb generalisation there. Not every man is going throw a fist, some will use open hand or elbows and knees. By the same token, some women will throw fists, too. Painting everyone with the same brush like that wont help in the long run.

If the attacker (because they wont always be just men) does come over and just say hi, then going on the attack might be jumping the gun a bit. This is why learning to read people and learning to control the distance (see The Fence) is so important.

01:27 ‘You can kick the shot out of somebody with some heels.’ Really? Because your balance is going to be questionable, and on uneven ground you’re probably going to fall over. I’ll take a pair of boots any day.

As with her other clips, a lot of this is stuff that looks savage but will just lead to trouble. Avoid.

5 Self Defence Items You Should Carry

This is the first of three or so vids that will feature Gabrielle Rubin. I do NOT rate her, at all. The clips of hers that I’ve thus far seen are filled with moronic, unusable tat.

I do not believe that she has ever pressure tested anything she suggests (basic common sense would recommend that most of her nonsense not be tried), but she’s seen a few fancy moves on TV and now is making a living from selling the re-packaged garbage to easily fooled women.

Also, word of warning; The vids as they appear on YouTube have very anti-women comments on them. Those comments are nothing to do with me, it’s just a few angry men who can’t articulate what they feel.

With that said, here we go…

00:13 Pepper Spray. Totally illegal in the UK. Next.

Okay, so I won’t just rush away from it. Most police in America don’t like using it in the open or against more than one person due to the fact that it is almost impossible to use without blowing back into your own face.

Also, I view this the same as the Hair Spray or Deodorant Spray; How confident are you that you can blindly (this means without looking at what you’re doing, while maintaining eye contact with the attacker) draw this weapon (be it pepper, hair, or deodorant) and aim it accurately in the eyes of the attacker, before they grab your arms?

00:18 ‘I can hurt you without laying a finger on you,’  and-

00:20 ‘It’s a long range weapon.’

These two comments are very telling. Gabrielle knows that her clients are going to be scared of the confrontation, we all are (learn how to handle the adrenaline dump), but what she’s selling here is false hope.

Learn to beat the opponent without touching them, without even getting close to them! It doesn’t exist, there is no easy fix, there is no magic word to make the bad guys fall down.

Also, unless you’re using law enforcement/military grade spray, it’s not really a long range weapon at all.

00:31 ‘I call it like a circular motion.’ The rest of us would call it an arc, but whatever.

You can also see here by the way she demonstrates that she hasn’t a clue. How many people are supposed to be attacking her if she’s spraying in that large an arc? The correct answer to the question she was asked would be, ‘Yes spray it into the attacker’s face.’

Then run like hell.

00:36 Spray to cover as much area. Really? Because the smaller the area, the more potent it will be. What if there were innocent by-standers in the vicinity? This woman has seen one-too-many films.

Or not enough of the right films, depending on your view.

00:40 Kubotan.

A short metal stick that is often totally misrepresented and misused. I don’t hold out much hope here.

00:54 Nope. I hate when I see this used for any type of rear grab. It is very unlikely if you are being grabbed from behind that you will be able to simply slip off to the side. Especially if you are being grabbed around the neck.

Because as you go to move, I’m either going to move with you, or I will over-power you (remember, people rarely attack those who are stronger) and keep you were you are.

And you don’t need anything in your hand to strike the groin, just a clenched fist will do.

00:59 Swinging it back over your shoulder to hurt the attacker via head trauma. Only it won’t. Because it won’t generate enough force to hurt the attacker enough to make them let go of you. This is all very nice in theory, but totally useless in reality.

01:03 Personal Alarm.

01:08 As soon as the attacker had a grip on your wrist with one hand, their other hand would grab your ‘alarm hand.’  Or, as is more likely, while you’re messing around trying to get the alarm from your pocket/bag, the attacker has blasted you in the face with a strike.

Or are you supposed to walk around all day with the alarm in your out-stretched hand?

01:15 No. Christ, where do they get these people.

The attacker’s left hand would tighten its grip on your right wrist, the attacker’s right hand would be swatting at your left hand, the ‘alarm hand,’  all the while they’d be dragging you somewhere. If they’re not dragging you away, then they’d just start to beat you where you stand.

01:19 The alarm is annoying, but not loud enough to cause sufficient pain to get away from an attacker, or to draw attention from passers-by. Gabrielle does then say that it’s not to stop the attacker, it’s to draw an audience.

Not good enough. Everything in your arsenal should be significant, in that it will stop an attacker. You can not count on there being other people, if there were other people around you probably wouldn’t be getting attacked in the first place.

01:32 The Whistle.

Works the same way the alarm does. But as I’ve just explained, the alarm doesn’t.

01:40 The Flashlight.

In order for a flashlight (or torch) to work it either has to be very powerful, or it has to be dark. If you’re attacked during the day and you try to use a low-powered torch such as she’s using in daylight, it won’t accomplish anything.

Also, it’s very easy to knock the hand with the torch to the side. If you’re planning on using a torch, I’d suggest the SAS-recommended twelve inch metal case Maglite, because that can be used as a very effective club.

In conclusion, I don’t recommend anything she suggests here. I would direct you towards the phenomenal work of Lee Morrison for genuine defence tips (or of course, start getting yourself to and class).

Men’s Self Defence 101

Okay, so this vid is called Men’s Self Defence, but it appears to be all about how a woman can defend herself from a man, making it women’s self defence.

Also, before you start watching, try not to get too distracted by the dumb-ass facial expressions the hubby keeps making. He’s clearly trying to audition for something.

01:27 I think she’s under the impression that she can do all this while the attacker is moving in. You can’t.

I’d simply knock her hand away, and being as I’m stronger and I’m going to guess faster, this defence wouldn’t work.

If you can reach the attacker’s throat in such  a manner then you can land a palm strike to the chin, which will be quicker, more effective as it wont require to hold on.

01:28 To lift his head up. Um, what? Most people when you grab for their neck will automatically bring their chin down, and you wont be stronger at that angle to lift his head up.

01:59 The husband here is asking for someone to come around and slap him. Knock off the silly expressions!

02:21 That is the face made by a man who loves the smell of his own farts. Or he hears the mothership calling him home.

02:35 The larynx grab is effective, but we’re still at a loss as to who this video is for. Is it for men to defend against other men, or for women to defend against men?

02:48 News flash, their fight or flight will have been triggered long before it gets to the point of squeezing the air from them.

Also be aware that if you’re attempting this with someone who is stood up, is not pinned against a wall, and is taller and stronger than you, you’re going to get smashed.

As you’re reaching up the attacker will push your arm to the side and whack you, hard.

If you’re smaller, weaker, lighter, then attempting any grab or hold is foolhardy. Rather, you should be focusing on hitting very hard very fast to a vulnerable spot, and then running away.

03:21 She doesn’t understand how things work. If my arms are longer than your, and they’re outstretched, I’m going to keep you at bay and stop you from hitting my neck, especially if you’re trying with a bent arm.

You are not going to over-power someone like this and break through to get their neck.

Am I the only person who still pressure tests these things, Jesus!?

03:41 You use the entire length of the forearm, from wrist to elbow, to hit the throat. It doesn’t need to be the hard pointy tip of the elbow at all. This is all nonsense that she’s saying here.

03:56 Ah ha, yes. The short tip of the elbow to the jawline, this would work. Oh, wait, she did it by accident. Never mind. The one technique she stumbles onto ass-backwards that will work she says sorry for and moves on like nothing happened.

04:26 ‘So I’ve got him in a headlock.’ That’s not a headlock. Also, she acknowledges that she’s too small for this, so why is she doing it?

If you can’t make something work in a controlled environment, with a willing opponent, then what the fuck makes you think it’s going to work for real?

04:41 If she tried this on anyone at all who has a basic understanding of turning to their right, she’s going over. This is so dumb and nicey-nice that it’s sickening. If this is what you like, then the hell with it and enjoy, but as far as real fighting is concerned you’d be better taking a shoe off and throwing it at the attacker.

05:27 If you’ve ever held a hammer as in to hammer a nail. Or as in to smack yourself in the head repeatedly until this bullshit looks like it might work.

05:50 If you can reach the collarbone, you can reach the jawline/chin. Aim for that instead and drop the attacker.

05:55 It’ll hurt like heck. Language m’lady. I have to assume from this that they don’t use the right language for the ‘interview’ stages of combat. So a good, loud dose of swearing will more than likely bring this woman (and her cuckold hubby) right out of their game plan.

06:01 Don’t punch it. You can see from the angle that she’ll break her fingers or sprain her wrist. They clearly don’t even do pad work.

06:33 Don’t feel free to jump to get momentum. There’s a reason boxers plant their feet when they throw power shots rather than jump into the air.

Tom Hill’s Karate Dojo

00:29 I’m with him up until here.

If you start kicking at the knife, the knife-man will start slashing at your legs.

It is very unlikely that you’re going to keep his attention to the point that he wont see your kick coming, and he’ll probably just back away out of range, then come forward again.

Actually for the most part I agree with this video.